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Millions of SCUBA divers explore the oceans every year in the United States. Although diving is a thrilling sport, taking the proper safety precautions is critical. That’s why divers across the country have made Cyalume their go-to source for reliable SCUBA tank lights.


Never Get Separated From Your Diving Partner Again

SCUBA divers heavily tout the buddy system. However, it’s easy to get separated from your diving party beneath the ocean. Our light sticks are the perfect solution for this common problem. Zip-tie a 6-inch light stick to your SCUBA tank or another piece of equipment and dramatically increase your visibility underwater. With our bright SCUBA tank lights, your partner will be able to identify you even in if you are separated in the murkiest waters.


Light Sticks for Night Diving

Night diving provides divers with their own set of unique challenges. A familiar diving site during the day can look like a whole new world at night. Using a secondary light source is key for night diving. In addition to providing additional light, Cyalume’s green diving light sticks allow you to identify members of your diving party. This way there will be no question who is part of your party and who belongs to another diving party.

While you can use any color light stick, we recommend green. The green hue is easily identifiable because it is unlike any other color beneath the ocean.

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Why Choose Cyalume



With Cyalume’s diving light sticks, you’ll never have to worry about the product failing. Depending on the type of light stick purchased, it can provide illumination for up to 12 hours, long past your dive.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other products on the market, all of our diving light sticks are non-toxic and non-flammable, making them safe to use in the ocean.


For over 40 years, Cyalume has been developing and manufacturing safe chemical light solutions for various applications. In fact, we are the only provider of chemical lights for the U.S. Military.