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Emergency Lighting Solutions for Healthcare

Fill the gaps in your emergency preparedness plans

Emergency preparedness is crucial for healthcare facilities. With the lives and well-being of so many already in the balance, plus the expanded responsibilities in mass casualty situations, care givers must be able to quickly adapt to changing requirements. With so many variables at play, the fact is even when you think your contingency plans meet or exceed standards, something is probably missing.

First of all, there are inefficiencies. Wall mounted lighting isn’t mobile, and what happens when power or generators fail? Traditional triage tagging procedures require first responders to tie ribbons and are ineffective in the dark.

Cyalume has spent decades working with hospitals and emergency medical staff to fill the gaps and ensure that safe, reliable lighting is always at their finger tips. From emergency light stations to patient ID and triage tags, our solutions employ non-toxic, non-flammable chemical light technology made and developed in the USA.

Portable Emergency Lighting for Nurse's Stations, Hallways, Stairwells and Common Areas

With an easy to locate glowing label on the cover, LightStations provide staff peace of mind knowing they have bright, dependable light sources within arm's reach should an emergency or loss of power occur. Ideally located in common areas like hallways or nurse's stations, LightStations activate non-toxic, high-intensity SnapLights immediately upon opening, flooding the area in portable light.

Once LightStations have been opened, individual light sources can be handed out to staff or strategically positioned throughout a building to provide safe illumination wherever it is needed. LightStations are maintenance-free, and the SnapLights inside have a guaranteed shelf life of four years. Each SnapLight provides a minimum of four hours of bright light.

Bright, Reliable Light Sticks Always at the Ready

Industrial-grade light sticks that provide bright, 360° illumination for up to 12 hours –SnapLights are so bright they can be seen from a mile away. Waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable, Cyalume's chemical light innovations have been trusted in life or death situations for decades.

SnapLights are available in 6", 10", 12" and 15" versions to provide the exact amount of light you need.

Evacuation and Egress Lighting

Both reflective and self-luminous, Cyflect® tape is ideal for marking and illuminating egress and evacuation points. With only a short charge, Cyflect tape will provide an intense enough glow to light the way to safety when electric light isn’t available. Reflecting white and glowing yellow-green, Cyflect tape is visible through fog and smoke. Unlike glass-bead material, the product reflects equally wet or dry and from every angle.

Cyflect products are heavy-duty, waterproof and durable enough to withstand high-traffic. 100% of the surface is both prismatic retro-reflective and photo-luminescent to maximize light created. For convenient installation, Cyflect tape is available in a variety of lengths and widths.

Patient ID and Triage Tags

Designed to maximize visible surface area, VisiPad® provides at least 10 hours of visible light in a variety of colors including those commonly used in triage operations. VisiPad is more convenient than typical triage marking, thanks to its self-adhesive back; simply apply and move on. For added detail, the surface of VisiPad can be written on in order to keep track of pertinent vital information.

VisiPad has been developed to minimize accidental activation, so it can safely be stored in pockets or pouches in large quantities for easy access and deployment. Standard size is 4-1/2" tall by 2" wide and 1/8" thick. VisiPad is available in packs of 25.


Cyalume is a pioneer and world leader in chemical lighting solutions for tactical and safety applications. Trusted by the US Military and government agencies for over 40 years, those responsible for emergency preparedness in the healthcare field can rest assured that our products will perform when they are needed most – without question.

All Cyalume products are expertly engineered and crafted in the USA to strict quality standards. We exercise a strong commitment to sustainable development by producing greener and safer products. As such, all of Cyalume's products are 100% phthalate-free with patented, non-toxic formulations.

Trust Cyalume...because you don't want to be left in the dark when the worst happens.

What People Are Saying

“(Cyalume products) have a million uses, both fun and functional. But most importantly they have proven to be utterly reliable and bright.”

– J.W. Mullins

Engineered and crafted in the USA | 100% phthalate-free with patented, non-toxic formulations