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Cyalume Customer Testimonials & Reviews

What Customers are Saying About Our Chemical Light Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering the world's most reliable and innovative light safety products. But we also know talk is cheap, so we compiled some feedback we've received from customers in the various areas we serve - tactical, commercial and recreational. Have something you want to share? Reach out: or 888.451.4886.

E. Pech

As a firefighter we use [Cyalume light sticks] to mark a room when searching in a smoked out condition. If we find a victim, we can tie a ChemLight to them so while we are leaving the IDLH (immediate danger to life or health) other firefighters are able to recognize the situation and assist.

E. Henderson

During massive flooding, my agency responded almost non-stop to water rescue calls. At night I zip tied Cyalume sticks to my Petzl helmet on each side so I could be easily spotted when I was in the water. I also did this during other night time search and rescue operations.

D. Stevens

I have [Cyalume] light sticks in all my emergency kits, and I also have some in my camping gear and use them on EVERY camping trip I go on!! They do last a true 12 hours, although they might not be the brightest for the full 12 hours they do work!!! This is my go to brand of light stick!

MJ Pocock

I work in law enforcement and pass [Cyalume light sticks] out to citizens all the time! Great for emergency use in the car or for a power failure at home. I hook them on my uniform when out directing traffic at crashes on a major 6 lane freeway. Minimizes the chances of not being seen!

A. Gojira

I'm the kind of person who likes to test their gear before relying on it in the backwoods, so I cracked one of these as soon as I opened the package. I was easily able to navigate around a pitch-black house and yard, without the benefit of any other artificial light. It was brighter than other glow sticks I've tried, and was still putting out enough light to read by a full 12 hours later. The plastic walls are angled instead of round and are thicker than any others I've tried, which means they should hold up well against accidental cracking in the backpack. Overall: great product, very reasonable price.

T. Wilhite

When we had a 20-hour power outage, these lit up the bathroom well enough for kids to use all night. Set it up in the hallway, no one runs into the wall. Use it to actually work in the kitchen instead of dimly peer and wonder. Out of sight, but not out of mind. I travel quite a bit back and forth to the coast over mountain roads, which can often get pummeled with rain or snow without much warning. Having lighting in the car "just in case" something happens brings a sigh of relief. Easily tucks away into the emergency kit. Hoping I never have to use it - but it's exactly what I wanted.




G. Berg

These [light sticks] are great. As soon as I received them, I turned off all the lights in my house which made my house pitch BLACK. I took a couple, broke them, and sat them around the biggest room in our house and they lit up the whole thing - that's 22 x 17. They provide enough light to let you see what you're doing. I know the grandchildren will love them when we have the next campfire.

Chris C.

I've used ChemLights when I was in the Army. These will light up the night if you loose your power or you are stranded on the side of the road. And this is a very reasonable expense for a little bit of piece and comfort. How many times has the power went out and you go to turn on your flashlight, but the batteries are dead? Get them for your home and all of your vehicles.