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Lighting Solutions for Facility Management

Don’t Wait until Emergencies Happen to Get Prepared

Too often, emergency preparedness necessities like maintenance-free, no-power-needed light sources aren’t thought about until after the need arises, and at that point it’s too late. Too much hangs in the balance during emergency response situations to be left in the dark.

A well prepared and provisioned emergency preparedness plan is critical in the crucial moments following crisis. Bright, easily accessible emergency lighting you can rely on should be included for any number of the contingencies.

Whether it’s light sticks available to staff throughout the building, wall mounted emergency lighting kits or well-marked egress points, the importance of emergency light is immeasurable.

Brilliant Emergency Lighting You Can Trust

Maintenance-free SnapLights have been a cornerstone of emergency preparedness plans for decades. These tried and true light sticks provide bright, 360° illumination for up to 12 hours and are so bright they can be seen from up to a mile away – so you know they provide enough light for rooms, hallways and stairwells.

Waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable, rest assured knowing your SnapLight® will provide safe, useable light wherever, whenever it’s needed most. SnapLights are available in 6”, 10”, 12” and 15” versions to provide the exact amount of light you need.

Better Than Emergency Hallway Lights

When the power goes out and bright light is needed immediately, you need a solution you can trust. Our LightStation® is a wall mounted, self-illuminated kit containing industrial-grade SnapLights that pairs convenience with dependability. A glowing label lights the way to the unit, while the SnapLights within flood the area or escape routes with bright, portable light.

Available in a variety of sizes to match the needs of your facility, LightStations are filled with high-intensity light sticks that can quickly be passed to crew and guests alike. Non-toxic, non-flammable and waterproof, these light sticks provide a minimum of four hours of bright, safe light with a guaranteed shelf life of five years.

Self-Adhesive Egress Lighting

Often, escape routes, such as internal stairwells and hallways, are the least naturally lit locations in a facility. So it’s important to pay extra attention to these areas when developing emergency response and preparedness plans.

Both reflective and self-luminous, Cyflect® tape is ideal for marking and illuminating egress and evacuation points. With only a short charge, Cyflect tape will provide an intense enough glow to light the way to safety when electric light isn’t available. Available in a variety of widths and lengths, Cyflect tape is heavy-duty and reflects equally wet or dry, regardless of the angle.

Why Cyalume? Because We are the Leaders and Pioneers in Emergency Light

Cyalume is a pioneer and world leader in chemical lighting solutions for tactical and safety applications. Trusted by the US Military and government agencies for over 40 years, those responsible for emergency preparedness for facilities of all sizes can rest assured knowing our products will perform when they are needed most – without question.

All Cyalume products are expertly engineered and crafted in the USA to strict quality standards. We exercise a strong commitment to sustainable development by producing greener and safer products. As such, all of Cyalume’s products are 100% phthalate-free with patented, non-toxic formulations.

Trust Cyalume… because it’s not just bright, it’s brilliant.

What People Are Saying

““(Cyalume products) have a million uses, both fun and functional. But most importantly they have proven to be utterly reliable and bright.””

– – J.W. Mullins

Engineered and crafted in the USA | 100% phthalate-free with patented, non-toxic formulations