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Diving with Cyalume Light Sticks

At Cyalume, we’ve developed the world’s best light sticks that can be used for any situation, including diving. Diving opens us up to a whole new world, but sometimes that world can be dangerous. When diving, especially as a group, it’s important everyone remains in visual contact with one another.

For those of us who have gone diving with a partner, being separated from them can be a terrifying experience. With a 6” SnapLight fastened to your first stage, where you attach your regulator to your tank, and you’ll will be more visible to your diving partners, helping to avoid being separated.

Our Cyalume light sticks can last up to 12 hours, keeping your whole dive team glowing without worry. Unlike unreliable flash lights and blinding LED’s, our light sticks offer a steady bright light that won’t distract you or your group but can be seen without the risk of shorting out or breaking unexpectedly.

Not only can you keep a light stick strapped to your gear, but you can also keep one near for communication. Use green for spotting and tagging, and, in emergencies, use a color like orange or red to quickly warn your group of any hazards.

Diving is a thrill, but you should always take the proper precautions to ensure you’re visible.

For over 40 years we’ve been providing the most advanced, trusted, and top of the line light sticks on the market, all while being non-toxic and environmentally safe. Learn more about how our light sticks can help you or your business today by calling 888.858.7881!