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Boating with Cyalume

We all understand that a fun day can instantly turn into a nightmare in a matter of minutes. When sailing or boating it’s imperative that you or your crew is prepared for the worst. Unlike on land, in the ocean or in the middle of any body of water, you might find yourself stuck alone without immediate help. Knowing what materials to bring and being able to rely on said materials can be the difference between life and death.

Preparation is the first step in making sure that you’re ready for a day of boating. Boaters should be up to date with all current laws and proper boating techniques before hitting the water. We never want an emergency to occur, especially out on the water where you can be out of reach. Being mindful and ready before disaster strikes is what will save you just in case the moment arises.

Cyalume offers multiple products that can help you in a time of need while sailing or boating. Our Personal Marker Lights are coast guard approved and are perfect for strapping to life vests, boaters, guests, and anyone or anything else that you want to keep a visual on. Having Snap Lights and Chem Lights on hand are also a key component in boating safety. With just a quick snap you have vivid, 360-degree lighting for up to 12 hours.

With our luminescent tape and adhesives, you can take lighting and safety even further. Place our Cyflect Adhesive tape to the rungs or steps of your boating ladder so everyone can see from afar where to swim to exit the water and where to place their feet once they get there.

On the water, there is no better solution than Cyalume technologies. Stay illuminated and stay safe when boating.