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The Most Important Safety Procedures to Follow During an Emergency

Emergencies can happen in an instant; you may not always have time to prepare, so knowing what to do before an emergency occurs is your best chance at staying safe. Being able to follow safety procedures can mean the difference between life or death.

  • Know Your Way Out | If you’re in a building during an emergency, find the exit nearest to you and know your alternative exits.
  • Stay Calm | Try to avoid panicking during an emergency as you’ll need to remain calm to be able to follow instructions.
  • Know When to Call 9-11 | Calling emergency officials when there is no emergency present can lead to delay in helping others who are in need. Avoid using the phone unless there is a fire, a crime, or a life in imminent danger.
  • Know What Fire Extinguisher to Use | Did you know there is more than one type of fire extinguisher? There are water, dry chemical, wet chemical, and CO2 Ensure you know the correct one to use in the event of an emergency.
  • Have Emergency Lighting Near | You’ll want to have emergency lighting near in case you find yourself without electricity. At Cyalume, we have plenty of safety lighting solutions for you to choose from.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you find yourself in a building, you shouldn’t use the elevators. Evacuate through your nearest fire escape and/or stairs. Being able to identify emergency exits, first aid supplies, and fire extinguishers can help you prohibit an already stressful situation from becoming worse.