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How to Be Prepared After a Winter Storm

How to Be Prepared After a Winter Storm

This winter, we’ve discussed what you and your family can do before and during a winter ice storm to keep safe but knowing how to be prepared after an emergency situation can be the difference between life or death.

The first thing we know you’ll want to do after a winter ice storm is assess your surroundings. Perhaps you have family or friends that you’ll be tempted to check on, however, at Cyalume we urge you to stay indoors and only drive if absolutely necessary. If you do need to drive, be careful to remove snow and ice from your tailpipe so you’re not at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Remove all ice and snow from your windows before driving, and make sure you check the roads before you find yourself stuck in a dangerous situation.

As mentioned above, we encourage you to not leave your home until your local officials contact you. With that being said, you’ll want to stay as warm as possible in your home. Make sure you have the correct heating supplies and emergency blankets. Wear hats, gloves, and warm coats. You may feel tempted to shovel or clear snow in your driveway but doing so could lead to overexertion as well as put you in higher risk for hypothermia.

We understand that winter storms can be both frightening and inconvenient, but being prepared before, during, and after can help reduce stress for both you and your family. We hope this series helps you this season!