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What Cyalume Light Sticks Can Do for You

At Cyalume, we’ve been creating lighting solutions for the military and various government agencies for the last 40 years. In doing so, we have created the best light sticks on the market.

Learn how you can best utilize our products below:

Mark Your Location | It’s best to be prepared for any situation, especially the unexpected. Using a light stick to mark your location can be crucial during rescue attempts. Activate a light stick and place it in an open area on the ground or, if you’re in water, place one in a bottle so that it stays afloat near you. To ensure you’re always in reach of our light sticks, keep a few stored in your home, car, or outdoor gear so you’re ready in any event.

Take Them Fishing | You may have heard that fish are attracted to light. Next time you’re fishing, try attaching a light stick to your line to increase their activity.

Outdoor Activities | If you’re going on a hiking trip or any other outdoor activity, it’s a good idea to have light sticks ready on hand. At sundown, activate the light stick(s) for everyone in the group. You’ll be able to follow and keep track of your group members without an issue.

Mark Hazards | Not only can our light sticks be used for better visibility, they also work very well as hazard markers. If you are hiking on a trail and happen upon a hazard, activate a light stick and mark the spot so you’ll remember to avoid it on your way back as well as help warn anyone else who may be behind you.

Whether you’re preparing for a disaster or just getting supplies ready for a weekend adventure, we’re here to keep you alight every step of the way.