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When Do You Need Emergency Lighting?

One of the biggest issues when the power goes out is the lack of lighting, whether you’re indoors or out and about at nighttime. Being able to account for everyone in your group, or just being able to see what’s in front of you, cannot be understated. The best thing to do ahead of time is to make sure you have emergency supplies for a worst-case scenario.

With just a simple snap and shake, you can have peace of mind and bright light for up to 12 hours with Cyalume’s light sticks. You can also choose the color that is most appropriate for your situation. You can mark exits and walk ways with our red light sticks, use green for easy identification of family and friends, or choose an individual color for each group member to know exactly who is who in a dark area.

Overall, the multitude of ways in which you can utilize Cyalume light solutions in emergency situations dwarves what is possible with a traditional flash light. Flashlights may work great for providing direct beams of light, but they’re a poor choice for steady area-lighting. That’s what makes Cyalume lighting solutions so special. Unlike flashlights, our light sticks tolerate extreme temperatures and don’t require batteries that may leak or corrode over time. To top it off, they are 100% waterproof and work brilliantly when wet or submerged. Meanwhile, other considerations such as candles are neither windproof nor waterproof, can melt, and can also pose a fire risk.

Remember, being proactive and ensuring you’re stocked for an emergency situation ahead of time can make the difference in being safe and secure. Place your light sticks in an easily accessible area and make sure everyone in your office or household knows where to find them. With Cyalume, together we can light the way.