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Trust Cyalume When the Lights are Out

It’s best to always be prepared in the event a natural disaster hits home for you. Power outages are common in extreme situations, which is why backup lighting should always be a top priority for you and your family. Navigating through your home or office in the dark can be difficult, even hazardous. One of safest and most foolproof light sources you can have on hand are glow sticks. Unlike flashlights that rely on batteries to operate, Cyalume snaplights are dependable and offer guaranteed light in a moment’s notice with just one snap.

Here are a few ways you can be prepared with Cyalume when the power is out:

Illuminate Rooms | Hang light sticks around your doorknobs, entryways or access points in your home or place of refuge. Having the ability to create markers around these areas will make navigating through them easier while you wait for your power to return. Besides being able to navigate the area easily, it’s importance to know where your entry and exit points are in the event of immediate evacuation.

Keep Track of Children and Pets | Knowing where your children and pets are during a power outage will give you peace of mind. Hang or clip a snaplight onto your child as well as your pet’s collar, if they have one. This not only lets you know where they are but also will help provide your child with a sense of comfort for having a source of light.

Create a Lantern | Did you know that you can turn a glow stick into a lantern? Activate the light stick and place it into a water bottle or clear plastic bottle you may have laying around. The water will help to disperse the light. The warmer the water is, the brighter it will glow.

When you need guaranteed light, go with the name that’s trusted by our military and first responders around the globe- go with Cyalume.