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Cyalume’s Emergency Supply Kits: Sustain Supply Co.

At Cyalume, we offer a large variety of versatile products that are perfect for all types of situations. Despite being known for our glowsticks, we also offer a multitude of other products, one of which being an additional emergency preparedness line, Sustain Supply Co. For people who live in areas in which natural disasters are all too common, Sustain Supply Co.’s selection will brace you for any storm or emergency situation that you may encounter.

There are a large selection of products that are offered from Sustain Supply Co., the first of which is the Essential2 Survival Bag. The compact bag is filled with everything you and another person would need to sustain you for 72 hours. This includes enough food, water, and gear to get you by until you’re able to evacuate or get back to a store. Additional items included are flashlights, light sticks, blankets, whistles, and more.

The Comfort2 and Comfort4 are similar to the Essential2 in their purpose and many of their items. While both come equipped with the necessary equipment to survive in an emergency, the Comfort2 and Comfort4 include additional items to establish a sense of comfort during the chaos of a storm. They are designed to sustain two and four people, respectively, and come with a portable stove and the materials needed for it to function.

If you choose not to buy one of our preorganized bags, you can purchase all the items inside of them as well as additional products individually on the website. Sustain Supply Co.’s goal is to ensure your safety, so we provide you with the products you might need in the event of an emergency.